Eric Vitwar and the team at Tuttle Camera

Imagine starting out to just have fun and it grows into a major community event that brings in hundreds of people, raises your company’s prestige in the your marketplace and yes, is great fun as well. Eric Vitwar and the team at Tuttle Camera sponsored “One Project”  . . . It’s One Camera, One Roll of Film, One Photographer in One week . . . all in the City of Long Beach, California. You can hear their story (read the story and see the illustrations and sample pictures) in this week’s DIMAcast. Eric shares how you too could sponsor an event just like it in your town. Imagine, having fun and doing business at the same time. That’s what you’ll learn how to do in DIMAcast #256 as Bill McCurry interviews Eric Vitwar.

Interview starts :4:28

Interview ends :18:04

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