In this weeks DIMAcast, Sam Pardue of Lensbaby talks about the new Lensbaby product, the Composer, how to merchandise it, and how environmental considerations were taken into account when creating the products unique packaging.

Interview starts 3:15

Interviews ends 9:03

Brian's Podcast pick of the week :
The Astronomy Cast

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DIMAcast [123] Interview with Sally Smith Clemens Olympus Sally Smith Clemens demonstrates the tap touch interface for its digital cameras. Just in time for ski season: A camera you can operate with ski gloves on!.

Interview starts 4:33

Interviews ends 12:39
Direct download: DIMAcast_123_Interview_with_Sally_Smith_Clemens.mp3
Category:Digital Photography -- posted at: 2:39pm PDT

Kodak's Brad Kruchten, general manager of retail printing, talks about the retail printing market and the company¹s latest kiosks with new upselling function.

Interview starts 5:58

Interviews ends 17:37


Brad Kruchten

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Jennifer Kruger



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Great ideas came from the PMA Canada Expo Marketing Idea Exchange and you can hear them or read about them on DIMAcast session 121. You’ll hear about how in 10 years one entrepreneurial couple owned the marketplace they helped redefine. If you download the transcript you will see over 60 images of Canadian stores and displays. Included is a technique for creating high value sensor cleanings, a new store remodel idea as well as display ideas that grew inkjet printer sales by 400% and more. It’s all in this weeks DIMAcast.

Interview starts 4:35

Interviews ends 33:01


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Jennifer Kruger


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