Reaching out to help others is good citizenship and can be good for business. That wasn’t Precision Camera’s motivation but it was the result. By partnering with the Boot Campaign Precision Camera was able to generate more traffic to their Expo while setting a record for Boot Campaign’s sales. Proceeds from Boot Campaign go to support returning military personnel and/or their families. The campaign was started in 2009 by five “boot girls” who met at a fund raiser and felt they could “make a difference” for those warriors who served their country and were now in need. (note: the Boot Campaign was started long before the Veteran’s Administration scandal was public knowledge – the “boot girls” saw part of the problem with VA and found a way to help the impacted personnel and families.) Hear how this event came about, the result and pick up ideas how you can help those around you while establishing your company’s brand among your target customers on this week’s DIMAcast. You can listen to the audio podcast and/or download the transcript with photographs at

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