You think it’s not possible, but it is . . . one store, one location that four years in a row is considered the best electronics store in the country by Consumer Electronics, beating out all the national chains and perceived “powerhouses”. Consistently voted one of the best places to work in Illinois. One building that houses 1,250 employees catering to the ever need of Abt Electronics customers. It’s a great story with some plain Midwest wisdom along with Chicago flare that causes consumers to flock to Abt to buy everything from low end starter kitchen appliances to the $500,000 David Abt Home Theater – which has an additional $100,000 ad on. It’ the kind of store where you would like to shop or work or own . . . Listen in to the DIMAcast while Bill McCurry interviews Michael Abt, third generation of the Abt family to operate this fantastic retailer.  The transcript includes pictures of the store.

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