Today on the DIMAcast, Bill McCurry presents a dozen great ideas shared at the “Brain Buzz” session at the recent PRO convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Among the 12 money-making tips shared are:

• Adding margin and needed accessories to build Flip Video sales, from Bret Harmen, The Photo Summit, Summit, N.J.
• Saving the earth by recycling products and recycling customers dollars through your cash register, from CJ Ponce, Fort Worth Camera, Fort Worth, Texas
• Holding tent sales with the right products for big profits, from Tony Miresse, Art’s Cameras Plus, Greenfield, Wis.
• Using Groupon to get the cash upfront, build store traffic and create buzz, from Gregg Burger, Precision Camera & Video, Austin, Texas

Hear the details on how these and many other great ideas are bringing in the bucks for PRO member retailers on the DIMAcast.

Interview starts :3:24

Interview ends :39:25

Brain BuzBrain Buzz


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