This week’s DIMAcast is live from the PRO Group’s Annual Convention where members shared quick BRAIN BUZZES . . . these are snippets of ideas that cause the brain to buzz with excitement and exploration of new profit enhancement concepts. Ginger Gauthe of Lakeside Camera Photoworks (Metairie, LA) reveals the how and why a $129 scan job averages $300.  Anne Thompson of Thompson Photo Products (Knoxville, TN) shares how encouraging one of her customer’s photographic talents led to a new acceptance of photography as an art form, and improved Thompson’s business. Britt Baker of The Film Center (Altoona, PA) uncovered sales potential that was right in front of him for years that is probably right in front of you as well. Fred Silvers of Bel Air Camera (Los Angeles, CA) uses free media to accelerate used equipment sales as well as fill his store with students for events and classes. Rob Muller of Schiller’s (St. Louis, MO) is successful using Facebook to communicate with customers and promote in store events. Joaquin Freixas of Swanlund’s (Eureka, CA) has a DSLR club that keeps customers loyal and reminds them to visit Swanlund's. Jeff Beauchamp of Bedford’s (Springdale, AR) reports on use tax laws and what states are doing to help retailers level the playing field so consumers know most internet sales do require use or sales taxes be paid.

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Interview ends :28:41

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