We just closed a very successful DIMA convention as those of you who were there know. The DIMA Marketing Idea Exchange was great fun and attendees learned a lot and met new friends. In today's DIMAcast we focus on greats from down under with the 7th installment of the Marketing Idea Exchange with Bill McCurrry.
This week’s interviews

Imagine adding 50 additional products to your lab's offering in time for Christmas. That's what Phil Gresham of Fotofast, Brisbane, Australia did. In this week's DIMAcast, Phil tells Bill McCurry how he did it and why. Available in this Podcast and also a PDF transcript, the transcript includes a sample of Phil's brochure that drove his sales increases.


How many customers want to shop in a place that describes itself as "wacko"? In Australia, Ted's is known for being unique in many ways. Bill McCurry tries to keep a straight face as he interviews Richard "Robbo" Robertson, Ted's CEO. Robbo invites photo retailers around the world to start a new exchange program for staff where they can go to other countries like a student exchange program. Details are in this week's DIMAcast along with pictures of Ted's marketing endeavors which are included in the transcript Sandrian

We missed Angela Haig McAuliffe at this year's DIMA conference. She stayed back in Dunedin with her new daughter, Frankie. Bill McCurry visited Angela shortly before Frankie was born to get an update on how prolab is fighting back against losing business from professional photographers. Angela has developed a three tier pricing system that is being well received among her current and future customers. Details of the plan are included in the transcript for this week's DIMAcast.

These DIMAcasts can be heard through any computer audio system, through your MP3 player or transcripts can be downloaded. Transcripts have additional graphics or pictures as well as the text of the interviews. Just click on the link below to download.

Download Transcripts


Bil McCurry

Jennifer Kruger

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