Calumet succeeding in retail, rebrands Penn stores A little more than a year ago, Penn Camera was in bankruptcy, and Calumet Photographic.
purchased three of its locations in the Washington, DC area. Since the acquisition, Calumet says it has “continued the legacy built by the family brand,” while serving thousands of local customers. Now Calumet Photographic, an international specialty photo retailer launched in Chicago in 1939, is rebranding those stores under its own name. “These three stores have become some of our top locations in the Calumet family,” the company says, “and we are excited that local customers consider us their photography destination of choice.”
In this episode of DIMAcast, Calumet president Brian Carroll tells us how the former Penn stores are doing now, as well as the current success of the overall Calumet chain — and we discuss the challenges and rewards in retail today.

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