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A new automatic cameraman tripod system lets athletes, parents, and filmmakers get video footage of the action without needing someone to hold a camera, the developer says, as it automatically keeps the camera pointed towards the subject.
The San Antonio, Texas company says the Soloshot “turns almost any camera into an automatic tracking camera” — and they make the entire product themselves. The system consists of a tripod base and a small waterproof sensor on an armband. “Simply mount a camera to the tripod base and slide the armband on to the subject,’ the company says. “After an easy pairing sequence, the base automatically rotates as needed to continually keep the camera pointed at the subject wearing the armband.” The $479 Soloshot will track and film moving subjects at speeds as fast as 140 mph and at distances up to 2000 feet. Its maximum rotating speed is 40 degrees per second.
In this episode of the DIMAcast, cofounder Scott Taylor tells us of the long days that went into making the device, and how photographers and videographers are using it now.


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