6Sight is an innovative new conference that was born from a common belief that is shared with the management of Future Image, I3A and PMA, which is that the importance of imaging in our lives is changing dramatically. With an unprecedented explosion in the number of digital cameras and camera-phones in people’s hands, which allows them to capture pictures and videos anytime anywhere, and the fact that people all over the world are now connected to a network that allows them to send and receive these pictures and videos anytime anywhere, imaging is no longer a niche activity that people do once in a while. It’s becoming a fundamental part of how we to function in our daily lives and how we communicate with each other in our personal lives, our work lives, and our lives as members of communities. That’s what 6Sight is about. It’s not your normal industry conference, it’s a showcase for our industry’s expanded value, and it’s a gathering place for us to work together to understand how we can best profit from that expanded value. In this podcast, Digital Imaging Digest Editor, Jennifer Kruger, interviews Alexis Gerard, President of Future Image, Lisa Walker, President of I3A, and Chad Munce, Group Executive of PMA to discuss their vision for this important event.

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